Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11:00 AM - 00:00 AM

Menu overview

Bella Vita by Leonardo serves an exceptional feast of antipasto, Insalata, secondi, pizza, grill, dolce, and café to its visitors, all of which are deeply influenced by the rich gourmet traditions of Florence, Italy bringing you a taste of Italy. Bella Vita by Leonardo is dedicated to preserving the true essence of classic Italian cuisine while also offering a taste of local deliciousness in the shape of unique Sri Lankan Style Pizza to its customers not to miss out on that Mozzarella is our preferred vegetable. Enjoy our extensive menu of excellent delicacies, from which you will have a difficult time choosing your favorite. You will find that all Italian dishes are identical to what you’ve had in Italy.

Our expertly crafted seven-course Italian menu is curated using only the freshest produce and the finest ingredients. To ensure the freshest, all of our exquisite meals are produced with only the finest imported cheese, extra virgin olive oil, the freshest seafood supplied from local fishermen, and salads from reputable suppliers. We at Bella Vita by Leonardo pride ourselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. With vibrant music, friendly personnel, and a setup inspired by Renaissance Italy, we construct a setting to enhance the experience beyond what is on your plate, eliciting in the customer the sensation of dining in Italy. Creativity is always on our menu. Italian pizza is for lovers! Bella Vita by Leonardo, known as one of Sri Lanka’s finest, has mastered the technique of woodfired pizza. Our pizza is crusty on the outside and juicy on the inside, bringing the authentic flavor of Italian pizza to the table, courtesy of our exposure to Florence Italy. Our extremely skilled chefs mix flour and water with extra virgin olive oil and knead it for hours to make the ultimate pizza dough, which smells like the aroma of authentic pizza dough, which is only then tossed into the wood-fired oven. Our pizzas are crafted using the freshest seafood and salads, as well as the finest imported ingredients.

Buon Appetito!